How can M Venturing use design to help communicate their corporate identity?

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M Venturing is a company which offers their clients pragmatic solutions for a variety of commercial issues and presents them with new opportunities to improve. From business models to marketing communications.

Their question to us was to design for them a complete corporate branding which represents their identity and the way they operate.


The result is a complete corporate branding containing a logo design, colours, fonts and a matching website which represent the company’s identity.

Logo design

The logo consists of two components that together form one whole. This is a nice way of depicting M Venturing working together with their clients towards a common goal.  


The combination of different shades of blue combined with neutral colours give the impression of being trustworthy and professional.


The font that we chose for the logo and the website is modern and simple, which is a good representation of the straightforward way in which M Venturing operates.

One-page website

The branding is clearly reflected in the website design. The colours and style are used subtly without distracting from the contents. The website is a one-pager, which gives it a modern look and feel. In addition, the content is brief, so the user doesn’t have to keep scrolling too much.  As a result these aspects make the website pragmatic and straightforward, all things which represent the client.